Our Dungeness map documents the various footpaths surrounding the Dungeness estate. This shingle promontory on the coast of Kent covers over 31 square kilometres, it’s the largest expanse of shingle in Europe. Lying close to Dover, Dungeness is an overlooked piece of land as people travel in and out of the UK. 

Dungeness, in many ways, is not a traditionally beautiful outdoor location. Often described as a desert, the vast flatness gives the illusion that nothing much grows there. The two nuclear power stations dominate the skyline, and the debris from the fishing industry litters the beaches, which all act as a stark contrast to the areas nature reserve status. In any other landscape, the descriptions of debris and desolation would sound fairly negative, but here they only add a level of mystery to the already unusual atmosphere. You soon discover more than enough beauty in the bleak landscape to make you return more than once.

We picked this location to map because we keep being drawn to its mystery. It is vastly different to many of the places we usually choose to walk. More specifically, we decided to map this corner of England because it has a collection of the most varied but fascinating points of interest that can all be connected on foot. 

Points of interest on this map include nuclear power stations, lighthouses and listening ears, navigational structures for sailing and a vast array of plants and wildlife.