It is important that our project does no harm. Most things in the world are out of our control, however the production of our maps is something we can make decisions about.

We always wanted to make a waterproof version of our maps, a light weight, super durable map for all seasons. Because the information on our maps occasionally needs updating we opted for a paper map that can be easily recycled if needed, rather than a plastic coated one that cannot. We’ve taken care to choose the best materials, using recycled paper and card, thin enough to be lightweight but thick enough not to tear in the slightest wind. This means we have created something slightly less hardwearing than its waterproof counterpart. So for particularly keen hikers, whose maps have been used over and over again, for maps thats are starting to fall apart and look a little worse for wear, we will happily replace your map for free, so you can continue to explore in all seasons, for years to come.

If you find yourself in need of a replacement map then please fill in the form below. And if you have any photos of your map in its natural outdoor habitat or at the end of its life after much use, then please do send them our way.

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We can't promise that replacement maps will always be available. But we do promise to always do no harm.